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utility scale solar array

We get many requests for information on where to find used solar power equipment. Here's what we've learned over the years:

  • Small residential solar: Your options for small-scale purchases are unfortunately; mostly local - Craigslist, classified ads, newsletters, etc. That's because PV modules can't ship via UPS, it's truck only. Plan on at least $300 whether you are shipping one solar panel or a whole pallet. That said, you can sometimes score a good deal...but remember that brand new PV modules (with a 25 year warranty!) are well below $1 per watt, so don't pay too much.

  • Utility-scale solar: Here's where you can score some amazing deals! We've seen entire installations go for pennies on the dollar, including racking, wiring, disconnects and one case, free. The catches?

    • The facility owner or demolition company will want to sell everything in one lot, no piecing out of equipment, unless you are lucky enough to deal with someone who has already removed it and warehoused it. These are few and far between.

    • You'll likely have a tight deadline for complete removal of everything except concrete and the posts embedded in it.

    • You'll likely be looking at 1000 or more PV modules to remove, with a possible DC system voltage of 400 - 1000 volts, and grid-side 480vac 3-phase. This is not a job for you and your buddies with a couple of pickup trucks. In fact, state or local regulations may require a licensed electrical contractor to disconnect the system from the grid.

    • All that said, if you are a solar business owner these kinds of opportunities can be very lucrative, provided you have storage space available and are able to safely handle the removal operation without zorching yourself or equipment.

  • One company we know of who is in the business of buying, removing and reselling large-scale PV systems in large or small systems is Sun Electronics in Miami, Florida. (844) 786-3532.

  • Another wonderful option is to donate the equipment to a non-profit aid organization. Locally, you might find church organizations (often groups of multiple churches) interested in PV for disaster relief, and these organizations often have to facilities to mobilize and store PV equipment.

  • We have worked with two NGOs in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation for rural electrification, job training, and local jobs, a cause we find close to our hearts.

    • Tyospaye Winyan Maka is building an off-grid sustainability education and community domestic crisis relief center near Wounded Knee, SD, and is interested in donations of solar and wind equipment, including batteries, along with installation tools and supplies. Our company is helping, as is Engineers Without Borders, Colorado State University chapter. We highly recommend this non-profit organization.

    • Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation focuses on education in development in sustainable housing, renewable energy, food production, workforce training and local enterprise development. We highly recommend this non-profit organization.

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