Solar-Powered Outhouse

Male and Female

    Here stands the brand new outhouse, a lovely thing indeed
Though it wasn't built for pretty, and it wasn't built for speedOuthouse
    It was built for just one purpose, there's no need to explain
There's just one place to sit upon, the meaning should be plain
    I built the thing with surplus stuff, it all just lay about
I cut some vents way up on top, so the flies could all get out
    I put a window in the north to look at West White Pine
Real early in the morning when the sun begins to shine
    There's a mirror on the wall inside, so all the pretty girls
Can fuss about or fix their face or curl their pretty curls
    Posted here and there are jokes to lighten matters up
And right at hand, a little place to hold your coffee cup
    There's lots of books and magazines to help you pass the time
And a paper pad and pencil if you feel the need to rhyme
    If you ever have the urge to defecate at night
A little tug upon the string will provide you with some light
    'Cause we all know that crapping in the dark is never fun
For in the dark it's hard to tell when the paperwork is done
    So welcome to my outhouse, come in and have a sit
It's a real good place to spend some time if you need to take a shit!
                                                            Thomas H.


Here are the details of the solar power system in Tom's outhouse:

Outhouse Wiring