Buckville Sawmill Action

Submitted by admin on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 15:22

Fun day at the historic Yahoo Sawmill in Buckville!
Ward needed some 8x8 posts to get going on completing his house, and some dandy big beetle-killed Ponderosa pines blew down in the gales of last winter....
Powered by the PTO on a 1948 FarmAll H, the saw blade dates back farther than that (you can still buy new teeth inserts). Carb rebuild kit on the tractor was all that was needed.

Some darned fine beetlekill posts!
Some darned fine, strong and very decorative beetlekill posts. The purple stain comes from the fungus the beetles inject into the tree that finally kills it. During years of little beetle activity, wood with the purple stain costs a premium down in town for being so aesthetically appealing. In years with lots of beetlekill (now) you pay the premium for wood that doesn't have the purple stain. Of course Ward doesn't care and likes the gorgeous purple wood...and did it all himself.
Life off grid up in the mountains is GREAT!