Welcome to Otherpower!

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We are a group of alternative energy enthusiasts who want to spread the message that it's FUN and EASY to make your own electricity FROM SCRATCH. Otherpower headquarters is located in a remote part of the Northern Colorado mountains, 11 miles past the nearest power pole or phone line. All of our houses and shops run on only solar, wind, water and generator power...not because we are trying to make some sort of political or environmental statement, but because these are the only options available. And we refuse to move to town.

Homebrew Wind Power workshop - hands-on, North Carolina March 2019

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Last year's graduating class of small wind students

March 25 - 30, 2019 at the Handy Village Institute, Saxaphaw, NC

Five days of intense, hands-on small wind turbine theory and fabrication at a wonderful facility hosted by a non-profit organization dedicated to appropriate technology. 

More information and registration link here.



Homebrew Wind Power Workshop - Hands-On, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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Homebrew Wind Power workshop- hands on

Come join Otherpower's Dan Bartmann and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association staff for an intense, hands-on week of building wind turbines from scratch in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, July 9-14, 2008!

You'll be learning wind power theory, site selection, off-grid power systems and battery storage, turbine control systems, metal c